Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Product Review - Crest Spin Brush

I told you guys that this blog reviews everything.

Being a hygiene fanatic, from time to time I will review various beauty products, like today, in which I review the Crest SpinBrush:

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Being someone who was content with a simple, inexpensive manual toothbrush, I never concerned myself with the fancy gadgets and gizmos of the oral hygiene industry. I figured that quality toothpaste and a firm bristled brush would do the work for me.
My visits to the dentist are semi-annually, well, they were until I lost my job a year or so ago and went without insurance for several months. I soon became employed and received insurance again. Yay, me.
Before I lost my job back in August of 2007, I visited my dentist. For the past two years, there had been a small, dark spot behind my upper left 'canine' that they had been closely monitoring and sending me home with headaches after digging at it for so long. Moving on, I lost the job, got a new job in September of that same year, and Christmas showed up with this toothbrush in my stocking. Thanks, Mom.
I have used this toothbrush since Christmas of 2007. I visited the dentist last week for my much needed annual cleaning, opened my mouth for x-rays, and questioned the progress of the dark spot. My hygienist peered into the x-rays on the computer and said, "Weird, I don't see it anymore." I was relieved, but still unsure why my girls were so concerned over the spot in the first place. It wasn't causing me any pain or discomfort...until the dentist walked in and said, "Yeah, that spot was the makings of a cavity. Impressive! That thing has been there for two years!"
Sure, you can claim that it was a stroke of luck, or that I moved my head at the last minute, causing the x-rays to blur, so on and so forth. You're wrong. I've always prided myself in the excellent condition of my chompers, and was even more proud of myself now that the spot had cleared.
My cleaning went on smoothly, despite my very sensitive gums being attacked. However, for someone who hadn't been in over a year, my teeth recovered well. I have noticed a whiter appearance and less gum bleeding now that I use this brush.
Some specs of the SpinBrush: The toothbrush I purchased comes in various colors, for you finicky color-schemed fanatics out there. Mine is, yes, pink, as in the above picture. It is a double A battery operated mechanism that lasts about 8 months before it starts to slow down. This is with twice daily brushing. The heads are replaceable. The cost of my brush was approximately $14.00 from Wal Mart, the 2 pack of heads about $5.00. It is a little bulky because of the battery case, but worth the extra weight. Besides, you need to work out your forearm and wrist more often!
The pros: Hey, I'm missing one less hole in my head. Need I say more?
The cons: Yep, a little more landfill waste than what I prefer, with replacing the heads. However, it's better than replacing a toothbrush every 3-4 months. I want to invest in rechargeable batteries as it is.