Friday, June 26, 2009

Review -

In my review of this site, I found it simply fascinating. is a site for parents and legal guardians to trade out their children whether permanently or temporarily. Whether you need a breeding machine, a workhorse in the fields, or a maid that speaks English and you are uncomfortable paying minimum wage, this site is for you.

The site has been around for a few years operating under the name Child Trader. Credit card payments are accepted, except for Discover. Your child can work off the bill by begging out on the street for a few pennies, or passing out pens and claiming they're deaf. The younger the child, the more of a cash cow they will be.

So if you're tired of your kid, check out this site. A good threat is all they need to be straightened out and learn to fly right. If only this site had been around when I was a kid!*

*please note this site is a joke, as is the review.

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STiXX said...

Myth: Child trading is bad for the kids

Only if by "bad" you mean "good."

I lol'd