Monday, March 16, 2009

Food Review - Kellogg's Special K "Chocolatey Delight" cereal

Picture this: It's 10:00 at night, and you've got the munchies. Your sweet tooth has just smacked your tongue, demanding satisfaction in the forms of sugar. But those pesky pounds your promised yourself that you would drop hug you tightly, threatening to disembark new saddle bags on your already frustratingly large love handles (so you think).

What do you do?

Research has shown that diets don't work. Deprevation is not the key to dropping and keeping weight off of our bodies. Americans are known for eating over-processed, fried, greased, grilled garbage that we consider food. So sticking your head in the freezer for a giant fudgecream bar is not the best answer, nor the gallon of Haagen-Daaz inconveniently hidden in the back next to the chicken.

Why yes, this situation describes me to a T! (I don't eat Haagen Daaz...but you get the idea.)

Check out Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Delight cereal.

Yes, you heard/read me correctly. Cereal. This new marketing adventure from Kellogg's hit the nail on the head when they advertised a woman with a snack attack at 10 pm. Instead of charging through the white box of doom and attacking Blue Bell, she reaches for a box of this cereal. Coupled with a half a cup of skim (or 1%, if your tastebuds actually exist) milk, it is the better alternative to destroying any attempts at those smaller jeans the next morning.
While eating at night is not always the healthiest choice for people like yours truly, I get the munchies. Most of the time I go for a 100-calorie pack, some fruit, or a small piece of chocolate. But every now and then, I want something different. At a national Big Box store several months ago, I located the advertised product and chunked it in my cart next to other attempts at being uber-healthy.
I gave it a shot.
Hands down, this product was one of the smartest things Kellogg has ever done to get through the doors of my house. I don't particularly care of cereal, but this cereal is a definite winner. It satisfies my sweet tooth, tosses fewer calories into my system, and as someone who never gets enough calcium (sorry, Doc), it takes care of two birds with one bowl (er...stone).

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