Thursday, March 19, 2009

Product Review - Pure Solutions Moisturizing Pet Shampoo

I've been trying to review this product for over a week, but the site to link the picture to was down, so I had to come up with something else whilst I waited. Alas! The site is up and running, and ready for MsJudgemental's wrath.

You guys all know that I have a dog. Cyrus, aka Mr. Wonderful, peanutbutter pie, sugar bear, snooky wooky, etc, is a 4 year old English Bulldog that occasionally stinks up to high heavens. I've been on a shampoo run for the past few months in attempt to keep him smelling springtime fresh for at least more than 3 days at a time. Oh, to be so lucky.

At one of my weekly ventures to "Big Box Store", I found myself wandering the pet product aisles in search of yet another solution to my poor dog's itchy coat. Between the stinkiness from playing hard at the park and rolling in mud, and the time of year that causes all dog's coats to explode from their bodies, I was at my wit's end. I am known for being a bit of a clean freak, and a smelly dog is not at the top of my 'ignore' list.

After meandering through the filthy Hartz products (all readers, please click the link for valuable information!) I found myself staring at the grooming products. The majority of the shampoos didn't work for my dog, so I was looking for something new. Here's what I found:

Yikes, pardon the bad image upload, kids. The website doesn't appear to have been created by a web expert, what with its explosion of blue happiness and basic html usage. But I'm not here to review the website, am I...?

Pictured to the right are two products that made it into my cart, rushed home, and used on my poor dog. Pure Solutions advocates that this shampoo is all natural, with lavender scents and low foaming, since bubblage is caused from those pesky chemical products. I rolled my eyes and threw my dog into the tub, ignoring his silent protests and vows of eating my shoes while I slept that night. I followed the directions - rinse, suds, and rinse. Towel dry. I did note the low foam/sudsiness of him, which concerned me enough to use even more of the shampoo. Afterwards, he was dry and smelled relatively good.

A few short days later, my dog smelled Dog owners know this smell is disgusting and will seep into your fabrics if you aren't careful and dedicated to vacuuming and have stock in Febreeze. I sprayed him with the Pure between bath freshener.

FAIL. I've gotten better results from using Pantene on him. His coat became oily and he scratched himself raw from the 'natural' products in the shampoo. Cyrus was constantly on his back, rolling on the carpet in attempts to relieve his poor, itchy back. Eventually I noticed patches of hair missing around his neck and legs.

I gave the shampoo a second try, hoping that it was just allergy season, only with the same results. I later found an oatmeal and Aloe shampoo by another maker that does suds and foam up, with a clean, happy dog who itches much less and gets more dirt out of his coat. His hair is also growing back.

Overall, these two products are mediocre. I understand about 'going green' and saving the environment. I am an advocate for growing one's own produce, turning off lights and unplugging appliances. Heck, my electric bill is rarely over $60. However, I would rather have a clean, happy dog than be concerned about what the shampoo is going to do at the local water treatment plant once it makes its way down the sewer.

I have some left, if anyone wants to test it on their dog. (said tongue in cheek, of course.)


sash said...

Hey... I use AvoDerm on Winston. I like it alot but he still has puppy fur so it's hard to say what it does for his coat. He smells okay though. And it doesn't make him itch or irritated. You may have used it already but if not, you could try it.

K said...

Hey all....i have a diva of a shih-tzu name Lady Bella and i have to say this is the only dog shampoo i have found that keep her smelling clean and fresh, No it doesnt foam up but then again it doesnt have sulfate (the stuff that makes shampoo both dog and ppl foam) she doesnt scratch and her hair feels very soft and doesnt tangle. Now granted this product may not work on a dog that plays hard or is outdoors most of the day but for my little Lady it works very well i love it the only thing is the website doesnt allow you to buy it and W-Mart seems to have ran out or no longer sell it. Me personally i say every dog is different and what works for one will not work for others or all and vice versa. This shampoo is worth a shot if you have the time and patience.