Thursday, May 14, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Hi again,

I have added two new buttons to my blog and ask that you guys check them out.

For the past few months I have been repeatedly called by a number: 714-261-1535, a telemarketing scam requesting that I purchase a new car warranty. The automated message informs me that my warranty has expired. (I have an extended warranty, morons...). Finally, I pressed '1' to speak with an operator and get my name removed. He requested my vehicle's make and model, to which I replied, "Don't you already have it? You called me."

"We are a third party. Give me the make and model, please."

I asked him to take my number off of his list; he replied, "Ok." and hung up on me.

I've added these two buttons to my site to help spread awareness about telemarkers phishing for personal information. If you receive a strange call, don't delete the number, but DON'T answer it! Report the number to the site.

Yes, our voices are being heard. Check out this link:

Make a difference. Spread the word.



Rebecca said...

Although I don't know if the phone number is the same, my boyfriend has been having the EXACT SAME problem. His truck is a '94 Sonoma and has been out of warranty for years! I'm going to pass along your info to him and hope that it helps him. Thank you!

STiXX said...

add yourself to the national do not call registry (

STiXX said...

...and once you do that, if they still call (after 31 days i think), you may be able to get a nice chunk of change out of them.